Buongiorno Italia by Claudia Impesi #1

Hello everyone! I'm Claudia, fashion lover, student but most of all ITALIAN! As you know it's impossible talking about fashion without talking about Italy and Milan especially (the only italian city where the fashion week takes place).Italy infact is #socalled a fashion country for an inimitable taste and chic style.But living in the South of Italy I'd like to say that there are some incredible little shops in Capri & Positano, near Naples (where I actually live) where you can find Amazing handmade lace dresses and leather sandals. Italians love high quality and fashion is for us a creative way to show the potencial of the italian minds (and hands of course).
If you are thinking about going to Italy during summertime here's a 'special mix' of #tips about wearing:
1) shorts are everything
2) On the beache and by the night (better on the beach by the night) wear lace and you will be super cool.
3) 60's-inspired-sunnies to become a DIVA ITALIANA.
4) Mix colours and prints on your bikini. You're in italy and colours are never enough (on the beach)
5) Last but not least: it's all about the minimal chic (by the night)

I hope you will appreciate all my tips but I want to help you more sharing some outfit and streetstyle photos of some #supercool italian kids. 
Ps: that's me in the first photo.

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Don't forget the next post of "Buongiorno italia by Claudia Impesi #2" in 15 days, CIAO!

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Genial !! Me encantó esta nueva incorporación al blog. Siempre con novedades ustedes. Saludos