Buongiorno Italia by Claudia Impesi #2

  • It's back to school in Italy! After months spent surfing and watching boys surf it's time to go shopping sweaters and books.
    As you know 'backtoschool' is such a tragic thing for all us but it could be better with some cool stuff.
    In Italy like in all the countries of the world you can find different stiles:

    So classy and chic, for the queen bee it's all about elegance. So what are you waiting for?
    Start wearing blazers,flats, high wasted skirts and HEADBANDS.
    Find your inspiration from GOSSIP GIRL OR CLUELESS. 90's are back bitches.
    queen bee

    A modern princess who likes mixing lace tops,black skirts and leather boots with some bands t-shirts.
    Long hair, a little bit messy and "The PrettyReckless" always on the ipod. 
    Ps. Don't forget the beauty stuff: RED LIPSTICK AND SMOKYE EYES.

    Let's start thinkin' about the american girls who made the history of the HIGH SCHOOL dramas. From Brenda and Kelly of Beverly Hills to Regina george of Mean Girls. Lizzie McGuire and her Miranda, the funny Raven, the Olsen twins and the old ''Miley Stuart''.
    The american girl is just the Lindsay Lohan who lives inside us, a cute but insecure girl who loves the most popular boy of the school but he doesnt even know she exists.
    If you are an americangirl wannabe just wear jeans, boyfriend shirts and hoodies of your school. Messy hair, lipgloss and you'll be perfect.

    american girl 1
    american girl 2

    If you are an "Ugly Betty" it's not bad... I swear!! I think we all judge the betty ones in a wrong way. Being betty is just the funniest and coolest way to be a nerd. And as you know studying and working hard you could reach the target you're aiming at.
    So Bettys, wear colours and mexican clothes if you like that stuff because everyone can be the coolest in his personal way.

    ugly betty 1
    ugly betty 2


Anonymous said...

Me encantaron todos los looks! Ademas de ser inspiradores, se pueden lograr con cosas similares que una tiene en casa.

My Fashion Mustache said...

Absolutely loved the post! The Betty's part made me laugh a bit (in a good way though)


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