Buongiorno Italia by Claudia Impesi #3

Autumn mood
Well I bet you had missed me a lot, people! Your young voice from italy, your italian gossip girl is back (yes I said gossip girl not serena!) As you know i'm not going to talk about people spotted in a park drinkin starbucks junkies because it's so 2009 and we want to forget the past even if sometimes it's the hardest thing. Yes we want to forget but not what happened on halloween night. I think that your "trick or treat" time is so far from your present and maybe the regina george bicthy bunny days are over. So what did you do on halloween ? I hope you didnt spend the night singin "i've got that halloween,halloween sadness.."Anyway It seems to me that one thing is sure: growing up we lose all the positive feelings linked with holidays. All we have now is a slice of pumpkin cake in an ordinary day or a drunk friend to help in a club full of sexy witches and vampires. It's okay to have fun but when someone says "forget the past" he means to forget people you hated, and your face on the first day at high school but dont forget that pure happiness that makes an holiday a special day.
Ps: usally i'm not a sweet puff kinda girl so get ready for the bad bitch in the next post.